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tracking delays. not people.
open data. open source.

tracking delays.
not people.

open data.
open source.


What is

Report delays in the public transportation system, keep a track record of your personal delay statistics* and keep an eye on your extra travel time spent*.

Easily browse the reports of all other users or follow them live as they fly in. Always stay on top of the current delay situation in your regional network.

Together on time

Invite your friends to join the flux. The more users reporting delays, the higher the overall coverage for all of us.

* Coming soon


Follow the delay-stream while new reports fly in. Use as a travel assistent and circumvent your delays before running into them. Find better performing lines or even entire routes that will get you to your destination faster and more reliable.

Help the public transportation providers to improve their schedules and intervals.

User Empowerment!

Maintain a track record of your delays and use the real-time stream as a travel assistent to circumvent delays in the first place. What are you waiting for? Together on time.


Privacy & Data-Protection takes data-protection and the privacy of its users serious. We take various measures in order to make it as difficult as possible to correlate individual reports to specific people. protects your personal data, simply by not collecting any of it.

Privacy first!

We're only interested in delays and don't even save your cleartext e-mail address. Our database contains only random cryptic IDs reporting delays.