General Account Information

The only information that is required in order to login to is an e-mail address. To this address we will send you a one-time login-link. Clicking that link will set a browser cookie that will keep you logged in. In our databases you are represented as a random cryptic ID that is generated using your e-mail address. The same e-mail address will always generate the same cryptic ID, however, it is sheer impossible to re-calculate the original e-mail address given only the ID. This way we are able to match all reports to the various user-sessions, without having to store any personal information, ever.

There is no such thing as a user-account within our database, only reports - no usernames, no passwords that could be forgotten, leaked or stolen.

Your Reports And Other Public Information

As soon as you send in a report, the current timestamp together with the information you provided with the report are saved to our database and published immediately. Users can edit and delete their own reports in the database, at any time. However, while the user-reports are online it is possible that they are downloaded by a 3rd-party where they can not be deleted by us.

Internet Protocol Addresses (IP-Addresses) generally does not track IP addresses, not even in the web-server logs. However, we preserve ourselves the right to track and save the IP addresses of individual users for up to a year, if this should become necessary in order to be able to maintain a decent level of service-quality for all other IP addresses.

The E-Mail and Login-Link

Logging in to is accomplished by instructing our app to send you a login-link via e-mail. We intentionally keep this e-mail very simple and concise. The login e-mail is always ASCII and will never contain any HTML.

We never save your e-mail address anywhere. Frankly, we can only ever send you any(!) e-mail if you have directly instructed our app to do so. Please doubt any e-mail or phone call telling you otherwise.

Please also note, that on its way through the internet, the e-mail will leave metadata traces in the mail-logs of most of the involved mail-servers. We have very little influence over this.