Many of us use the public transportation system on a daily basis, most of which live in and around big cities. Some of us spend up to several hours just sitting in a bus or a train and commuting to work, every day. We depend on the public transportation to be reliable.

The official statistics of the Deutsche Bahn AG state that 25% of all trains are delayed. However, these numbers are only considering trains that are delayed at least by 30 minutes and that are not canceled entirely. The truth is probably that far over 50% of all trains don't arrive or depart on time. The numbers for other transportation providers vary but are in many cases equally disturbing.

We, the people, are left helpless against huge corporations that are more interested in cutting costs and increasing revenue than in providing the bare minimum service quality of simply being on time, at least most of the time. was created to combat this problem. By crowd-sourcing the data-aggregation for the real delay statistics to the commuters and neutrally publishing the numbers on the internet without censorship, we can first inform each other and as a result hopefully create an effective public insentive for the transportation providers to improve their reliability.

Our team consists of a bunch of open-source and open-data enthusiasts who are generally interested in mobility. We take privacy and data-protection very serious, we are financially independent and we are not subject to acquisition. Our mission is to help improve mobility.